Our mission is to help mums find their career and business mojo.

Our SEVEN Values

Mums supporting mums

Everything we do is authentic and central to helping mums achieve their career goals.

We educate

The skills gained when you become a mum are invaluable in the world of work. We are empowering women, carving new careers and educating employers to recognise these skills.

We grow together

The women we support are on a learning journey full of new ideas, a growth mindset and career and business options they didn’t even know existed. We support our mums long after the courses are completed and beyond.

There is always a way

We believe that there is always a solution to any problem, big or small. We encourage creative and forward thinking, embrace change and come up with better solutions

Positivity and People

We are positive and look for the best in people. We don’t hold grudges. We ask questions, we network and we surround ourselves with “can do” people.

The power of the first step

We encourage our mums to take small steps towards their goals and to build daily mindset and behaviour habits that, over time, will have a big impact on their outlook, their career and their life.

We inspire

We’re passionate about providing positive role models for working mums and helping them gain the confidence and skills to achieve their dreams. We aim to make every one of the women we support walk taller through life.

All our values are epitomised not just by the learners on our courses, but by every single member of the wonderful team behind Successful Mums too. There are 10 of them working tirelessly behind the scenes. We couldn’t do it without them.