Three daughters, six years off and Angela found her dream job! 

“After university, I taught English as a foreign language which allowed me to travel and work.  I moved back to London and found a role at Young Enterprise, a business educational charity, where I ran workshops for children in primary and secondary schools and colleges as well as managing a team and many admin duties.

I have 3 daughters, aged 7, 6, 4.  I returned to work for 5 months between my eldest two and haven’t worked for 6 years.  I missed adult company and wanted to start using my brain to do more than just child and house care stuff!

I worried that because I had been out of work and out of any professional situation for so long, I would no longer be able to communicate in a suitable way.  I was sure this would hinder me actually getting a job in the first place as I would fail at the interview stage. A classic case of lack of confidence.

A mum friend of mine had enrolled on a Successful Mums course, so I thought I would give it a go too.  I wanted to get my CV in order before my daughter started school in September, so signed up for the course early to be prepared. 

It was good to be in a room with other women in a similar situation to me and hear and share experiences and ideas.


The course was useful as it highlighted and reminded me of skills I have and that I have been using over the past 6 years.  It was good to be in a room with other women in a similar situation to me and hear and share experiences and ideas.  I had looked at the topics many times before, CV, interview questions, transferable skills, but it was essential to look again after this break with fresh eyes and updated info. 

I completed the course in March but didn’t really want a job until September so used the time to get my CV ready, I certainly wasn’t actively job hunting.  But then Successful Mums advertised a role which seemed to be my dream job – term time work, part-time, local.  It was too good to ignore so I cracked on with the application form.  My Successful Mums mentor was on hand to offer support and check both my CV and application, which was extremely helpful.  Any insecurities or uncertainties could be talked over and clarified, which was definitely needed after being out of the loop for so long. 

After 1 application and 1 job interview, I managed to secure a job and will start in September.  I couldn’t believe it! I can’t wait to get stuck in and really engage in my new role. 

I would say if you were thinking of attending a Successful Mums course, go for it.  Yes, you may have heard some of the info before, yes you may be able to find the answers online, but having a forum to discuss things with people in a similar situation and having someone to support and help you through this time of change, makes the process so much easier.”

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