Trading household management for business management…

Trying to get back into the industry you worked in before a career break is not always the answer. Laura attended our Back to Work Course and discovered there were so many more options…

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“Before having children, I worked full time in the FX Industry, predominantly for smaller stockbrokers.

I started out as a Trading Assistant for an FX Dealer and worked out quite quickly which part of the industry I enjoyed most and ended up being Global Manager of Account Opening.  I really thrived in the office environment, it was fast-paced and exciting.  My favourite part of the role was definitely the people management, I loved leading a team.

I took a career break to raise my family; twin boys, now six and my daughter who is 4. After two years I decided it was time to get back into the world of work but struggled to find anything flexible in the FX Industry that paid enough to cover childcare costs.

I saw a Facebook post about the Successful Mums Back to Work Course and it looked exactly like the help I was looking for – I needed guidance on nearly every aspect!


I decided that I needed some help, I’d seen jobs advertised but wasn’t able to get through to the interview stage.

I saw a Facebook post about the Successful Mums Back to Work Course and it looked exactly like the help I was looking for – I needed guidance on nearly every aspect!

I was so glad I registered, it was better than I hoped! It was a lot more professional than I had expected and Georgina our Trainer was incredibly knowledgeable and approachable.

I was in a roomful of women who had gone through very similar experiences to me.  It gave me a huge amount of confidence. There was a feeling of sisterhood in the group, we all celebrated each other’s wins. 

The CV coaching was second to none, I soon realised my CV was very outdated! Georgina gave me the confidence to start applying for different types of roles in industries where flexible working is more accepted.

We were also shown the places to look for flexible work.  There were websites I had never heard of before. A few months later I found my flexible role through Facebook – I never would’ve thought to look there before! I am now working part-time and flexibly.  It is fitting in really well around my family and the cost of childcare is minimal.

It’s great being back at work and it is a wonderful feeling to be earning money again and having some autonomy! It’s also nice to be using my brain for something other than household management!

If there is anyone reading my story and thinking of getting in touch with Successful Mums, I’d say – just do it – you will look back on it and wish you had done it sooner. It is such a wonderful course!”

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