Louise hadn’t worked since 2013 and was feeling isolated, unmotivated and not sure how to get back into the workplace. Louise saw an advert on social media for a ‘back to work course’ with M&S which sparked her interest. Louise booked on to the course as her first step towards returning to work.

Read Louise’s story..

As my children were growing up and needing less of my time I really wanted to get back to work but felt the whole idea of returning to the workplace overwhelming. I had lost confidence, I wasn’t sure what I could offer an employer and didn’t know where to start so I kept putting it off – but in the back of my mind, I knew I had to get started somehow.

When I saw the ‘Retail Ready M&S Back to Work course’ I jumped at the chance of attending.

This felt right and a great way to receive the support and help I needed. The course booked up within 24 hours so I felt lucky to have a place and be given this long awaited opportunity.

The course was at M&S in a professional and friendly environment. The course content helped me identify my transferable skills from parenting along with bespoke 1-2-1 assessment and career advice.

This gave me a platform to share my own personal challenges for not working and simple can-do solutions to overcoming these challenges.

Jane Knight, the tutor, is a mum herself and understood how it can feel to be returning to work after a career break; this really helped and gave me confidence too.

The course made me recognise my skill set and that I do have the skills and experience that employers want. With CV support, career advice about the types of jobs available, techniques to feel confident at interview and tips for personal branding, I found the whole experience very empowering.

The course made me recognise my skill set and that I do have the skills and experience that employers want.


The M&S team came in as guest speakers and reinforced that softer skills, excellent customer service, flexibility and reliability are something that they look for in their work-force. It was great to be able to meet the employers which made me realise these people are human and approachable!

Since attending the course I have secured paid work experience at M&S which is providing me with a platform to build on my skills, I do a role I enjoy with the potential of a permanent role in the future.

Big thank you to M&S and Successful Mums in helping rebuild my confidence and gaining work.

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