Natasha found her perfect role to fit around her family…



Tell us about your flexible friendly employer and job role?


I work for Sue Hainsby at Carlean Property Management. Sue manages property portfolios for her clients.


My job role is to ensure we meet all aspects of required legislation, making sure that properties are maintained to a high standard. Writing processes, creating job sheets, using accounting software and liaising with the suppliers.


Why do you think flexible working is so important?


Women in my position have typically been in jobs in the city, however since having children we don’t necessarily want to return to the city. This is a great opportunity for local employers to benefit from this talent pool of Mums.


After having children, there is a roundedness and maturity that occurs along with great perspective and this can only be of benefit to an employer.


Being away from the home and engaging the brain (after baby brain!) meant that I am eager to learn new skills and develop my career.


What makes this role ideal for you as a Mum?


This role offers flexibility and as a contractor, it means that I am able to offset some of my expenses against my own business.


I am still able to work part-time on my own business and feel like a part of Carlean Property Management too.


Sue is also a hands-on mum and understands that your children come first but also understands that this isn’t prohibitive for a woman, they can do a great job and still spend time with their children.


“With little confidence and lots of hope, I enrolled on the course. It was great, it definitely made me more focused on my goal and kept me motivated throughout.



How did Successful Mums help you?


It’s a great network of women creating a flexible workforce, Jane is able to identify transferable parenting skills and connect mums with the right employers.


What advice could you pass on to other Mums?


You are better than you think you are. Just go for it – what’s the worst that can happen? Sometimes things don’t always work out immediately but things evolve and I still get surprised how fate has always dealt me the best hand (although it didn’t always feel that way!) just relax… it will happen!


Tell us your best work-life balance tips?


I do little things, like the children all have their own basket which once filled with laundered clothes they put away, I get them to make their bed every day (difficult sometimes!) and make full use of things like timers on the washing machine so that I come down to washed clothes in the morning! When cooking I tend to do double batches and freeze the other half.


But most importantly be kind to yourself – if you haven’t gotten around to all the jobs in a day, still enjoy your evening glass of wine (if that’s your tipple!).




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