After a 5 year career break Natasha was ready to get back out there!

With our help Natasha managed to find her inner confidence and get back to work after a 5 year career break, here’s her story…

Back to Work Mum, Natasha

“I’m Tash and I’m a single mum of 4-year-old twin boys who keep me very busy on a daily basis! I made a conscious decision to take a break from my 20-year career in HR when I had the boys. It was always the plan to return to work in some capacity when they started school. They started reception in September and I was 5 years into my career break… it was time to get back out there!”


“Having had 5 years out of work I was apprehensive about how I would go about returning. My confidence wasn’t where it had been, I didn’t know what my options were and I felt that my skills were out of date. I saw an advert for the Successful Mums Back to Work course and it seemed to tick all the boxes in terms of helping me find my feet.”


“Confidence was my biggest challenge! I questioned whether I was good enough, what I wanted to do and generally felt a bit lost. I didn’t think there would be an opportunity for me that would suit my family life. Given my time out of work and the current job climate, I felt that I would need to compromise somewhere along the line.”

What was your biggest take away from the course?

“Meeting a great bunch of people and working with my coach Georgina who made me realise that I still had a lot to offer and that the right opportunity would come along. The support I’ve received has really helped to change my mindset and I feel positive about the future.”

The support I’ve received has really helped to change my mindset and I feel positive about the future.”


How would you explain the training to others?

“The training is a great mix of online webinars, group work, online study/learning, networking and job searching. There is a lot of work to get through but generally, this can be done at your own pace and within hours that suit you. It is a great way to meet people in a similar situation and I’ve been blown away by how supportive everyone has been to each other. It’s a great way to build a network and share job and training opportunities.” 

What did you achieve from the course and what are you doing now?

“I start my new role as a part-time HR Business Partner for a health charity next month. The job gives me the flexibility I need to work around my other life commitments and also gives me the mental challenge that I was looking for. I’m really excited about the opportunity.”

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