Off to the Chamber for Patrycja

With little help from Successful Mums, Patrycja found a flexible job that fits perfectly around her family life. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Patrycja, I am a mum of two girls aged 9 and 10 years old. In November 2018 I left my job of 11 years as an office and production manager at an architectural studio.

I made that decision because I wanted to spend more time with my young daughters and focus on my family while they need it. I figured they will soon stop wanting to spend time with me and that will be the moment then for me to focus on my career.

They still need (and want!) me but Successful Mums has helped me find a flexible job that is part-time and fits perfectly around my family life. 

What made you want to join the Successful Mums course?

Originally I wanted to join their business training, but unfortunately, I wasn’t eligible for that course. They often will win new funding, the Successful Mums’ team kept in touch with me and let me know about the new Career Coaching Course which looked like it could help, and I was eligible!

What was your biggest challenge when joining the course?

I believe the biggest challenge was just simply to get started.  To start writing my CV and to start applying for jobs. But with the extra push from my coach and encouragement from other group members, it seemed to be less challenging. 

At every stage, there is a goal and in the end, you will achieve it!



What was your biggest take away from the course?

The biggest takeaway was definitely the explanation and realisation of my many transferable skills!

Where are you working now and what is you role?

I started working at Merton Chamber Of Commerce as an executive assistant, it’s a flexible job, I’m really enjoying the role and using my transferable skills from being a mum.


How would you explain the training to others?

The course is designed to help you plan your return to work, to break it down. At every stage, there is a goal and in the end, you will achieve it! You set the timeline yourself and at every stage, you have full support and help from the coach as well as the support and encouragement from fellow mums in the group.


What is your top tip to mums thinking about going back to work?

Don’t be afraid, make a plan and take one step at a time. It will all start happening for you!


Do you want to find a job that fits around family life, like Patrycja? Get started on your own journey with our courses.