Back to work Success for Sharon

“Pre-kids, I was a Product Trainer, working for a retail company in Dubai. I had worked as a trainer and in Learning & Development for more than 9 years before taking a sabbatical to start my family and then re-locate to London.

My last job was handling the A to Z of training for my division. It included product, process and systems training. I also anchored employee engagement initiatives for the division.

I love training, from being able to calm a new joiners’ apprehensions to helping a colleague learn and grow in their role as well as in the organisation. Being passionate about product and process and sharing information was the best part. However, I didn’t like the long hours and travelling between the 10 stores located within the United Arab Emirates.

It had been 7 years since I last worked, but knew it was time to get a job. I suspected there would be challenges. I worried about the confidence I had lost, I wasn’t sure where to look for a new role and how was I going to manage work around the kids?

A friend recommended the Successful Mums Back to Work course, which sounded like a great first step. I was hoping it would be able to give me links to potential employers and help prepare me for interviews along with validating my CV.

It did! It covered all these things and much, much more. It’s a great starting place for mums who want to either start or want to return to work after a long career gap. It has something for every kind of aspirant mum who is looking for work.

It’s always good to know you are not alone in a struggle. The course was filled with a group of mums with varied life experiences, which helps you gain perspective on what you really want to achieve and how you can motivate someone or be motivated to achieve something – in this case employment.

The course is a great avenue for women who want to or even just thinking about returning to work. There is a great team of inspiring women leading this fantastic initiative.


We had amazing support from our Trainer and it was great to have 1-1 coaching. It was so valuable to have a pair of professional eyes going through the CV and give feedback to improve on it. The main thing I took away from the course was the encouragement to never give up and to always wear my crown, proudly!

Georgina suggested I took a Diploma course to enhance my chances of getting a role within HR.  I studied for an Intermediate Level 5 Diploma in HR and within 8 months I was employed full time! I am now working for CIPD Training (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) as a Student Coordinator for the various qualification courses. The role entails coordination and admin activities for blended learning qualifications and webinars.

Whilst the company advocates flexibility, there is no work from home option for my role. However, they are flexible in start and end times and always mindful of family commitments and challenges.

I have been able to organise home, kids and family before and after work and have been very lucky with support from contacts in the neighbourhood ensuring my kids schedule does not change drastically.

If anyone is reading my story and thinking of getting in touch with Successful Mums I’d say… JUST DO IT! If you want it, just go for it. A wise woman (I’m pretty sure it was a woman 😉) once said, ‘aim for the stars, not the treetop. Miss and you will still land on the treetop’. 

The course is a great avenue for women who want to or even just thinking about returning to work. There is a great team of inspiring women leading this fantastic initiative and hats off to them for all their hard work and dedication.”

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