A new start for Mum, Sholpan

When mum-of-two Sholpan was looking for her first job in the UK, the obstacles seemed insurmountable. But then a friend recommended the Successful Mums Back to Work course and everything changed. Here, Sholpan shares the story of her ‘overnight success’!

“I’m originally from Kazakhstan and came to England in 2006 to learn the language. I was working as an accountant and wanted a job at an international bank, so needed to speak English. But then I met my future husband here and decided to stay. I had to start all over again to get my UK qualifications. When my children were born, I stopped studying to concentrate on raising my family. But with my daughter going off to school last year, I began looking for part-time jobs. I really missed being in a busy office and working in accountancy, where you’re constantly learning new things, and wanted to get that back.

I knew it was going to be hard, having not worked for 10 years and not having any UK experience, so I did some volunteering and took an accountancy course online to refresh my knowledge. I applied for so many jobs but I felt like I was sending my CV into a black hole.

My confidence was at zero when a friend of mine, Angie, who is a Successful Mum herself, told me about the Back to Work course and said it would give me the support I needed. I signed up and soon realised I wasn’t the only mum who’d stayed at home for a long time and who was struggling to find a job. Jane Knight, our tutor, has so much experience as a careers coach and you get the feeling she can really “see” you. She helped us with interview scenarios and people shared their interview experiences, which was really useful for me because I didn’t know how to sell myself or what questions to expect.

Jane told me not to compromise and to be clear about what I wanted. When we met for our 1 to 1 session, I’d been starting to think I should apply for full-time jobs, even though I didn’t know how I’d manage with my children. But Jane was sure I wouldn’t have to do that. She said she’d call a few contacts to see if they were recruiting and would be in touch soon.

Now I feel like I’m a complete person, not just mummy, cleaner, cook… I feel like “me” again.


By the next day, I had a job! One of Jane’s contacts was at Baxter & Co, a local chartered accountants, where a vacancy had just come up. It was perfect timing; I went for an interview the next day and was offered the job. I told Jane she was my fairy godmother!

Now I feel like I’m a complete person, not just mummy, cleaner, cook… I feel like “me” again. The team at Baxter’s is lovely; another Successful Mum, Marie-Emma, works there and she has been really welcoming and supportive. I’m working as a tax trainee, so I’m also continuing to study. I’m very, very happy!”

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