Learning to take the leap!

Having followed Successful Mum’s Career Academy on social media for some time, I had seen that their founder Jane Knight was hosting spotlight webinars with companies and experts in their field.

The Flexible Career with Pearson Webinar was to focus on flexibility for working mums so I signed up and am thrilled that I did! 

Having worked in my previous industry for 24 years and with my previous employer for 15 years, it would be fair to say I felt somewhat institutionalised. I had both my children whilst in my role and had been working on a 3 day per week contract for several years, how could I leave that and still have flexibility as a working mum, surely I would have to stay put in my ‘comfort zone’?

I can only describe attending the Successful Mums and Pearson Webinar as a lightbulb moment for me. The Webinar was a succession of inspirational speakers and case studies from Pearson on how to be a working mum whilst having a successful and prosperous career.

It is incredibly important to find an organisation that is the right fit for you, your values and your career aspiration, during the Webinar, I had metaphoric ticks flying around my head; more than anything I felt energised that an alternate career could be out there for me.   

“I can only describe attending their Webinar as a lightbulb moment for me. It was a succession of inspirational speakers and case studies from Pearson on how to be a working mum whilst having a successful and prosperous career.”


Jane shared how she’d helped over 7,000 mums with career advice and links to new sectors, providing insight into the simple steps to make it happen, many of these women have worked with Jane directly or attended the Successful Mums funded online courses. Such a simple format that really works!

The spotlight event gave me the confidence and drive to update my CV, LinkedIn profile and start the search for roles in my area of expertise. Having found a term-time contract role advertised with Pearson in their Customer Success Team, I applied and am pleased to say I started my new role in April 2022. 

Making the leap after so long in my previous role has not been without wobbles and personal doubt for me, it was a big and emotional decision but that is ok! From the moment I attended the Pearson Webinar, through my interview process, through attending my first sales conference and into my induction the Pearson values have shone through and those metaphoric ticks continue to fly around me. I genuinely feel I have joined a new work family and feel happy, at peace and most of all excited for my future at Pearson. 

If you’ve been inspired by Carolines’s story why not check out Pearson’s vacancies here or if you are looking for funded 121 career coaching or back-to-work courses at Successful Mums Career Academy, register your interest here and we’ll be in touch!