My name is Elina Mäkelä-Briggs. I am a mum of two primary-aged children, who I love, very much, they have made me a better person and I can’t imagine life without them.

After an eight-year career break, I felt that the time had come for me to go back into the working world. My children needed me less at home and during days whilst they were at school I had more time on my hands. I needed to think about something else other than which part of the house I should clean today.. again! Plus, two incomes would help with the rising costs of living.

In the past, I had done all sorts of work from selling carrots at the local farmers market to admin in an office setting and now wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I also needed help updating my CV. How do you present a long career break in a positive light? Is there a way of presenting it in a positive light?

My self-esteem and confidence were at a low, I really didn’t think that anything I had done in the last 8 years, could have been seen as anything useful.

I had heard about Successful Mums from my neighbours and other mums at my children’s school. The courses are aimed at mums just like me so decided to get in touch.

The Employment Skills Course and mentoring helped me so much, it reminded me of all the things I thought I’d forgotten; it made me realise the transferrable skills I actually gained during my career break and I now think more positively about myself and know that I am still relevant!

“With little confidence and lots of hope, I enrolled on the course. It was great, it definitely made me more focused on my goal and kept me motivated throughout.


The course gave me the confidence and courage to reach out to my old work colleagues, which lead to finding relevant volunteering work. This gave me the opportunity to dust off my admin skills. It helped me to remember, the me I was, and the ambitions I had before the children came along.

I’m now working at JLL as an admin assistant/support. I am hoping that the skills I gained through the course will help to further develop my career.

I’m open to more learning and possibly attending future courses relevant to my work. I believe gaining knowledge and learning new things that interest you is good for your mental health too.

If I was to give my top tips to any mums thinking about going back to work, it would be to take a look at volunteering opportunities in the field you want to work at. Contact your old work colleagues to see if they need help. Pluck up the courage to reach out. It helped me. I would also definitely recommend attending a Successful Mums course too.

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