Esther had been working part-time but was struggling to find a job to fit around her family life. She knew there were roles out there but wasn’t sure where to find them.

Esther felt her digital skills were outdated and needed to update her CV, so turned to Successful Mums for help. She registered for our course and hasn’t looked back.

I was referred to Successful Mums for their Digital Skills and Career Success course and thought it would be so useful for me.

My digital skills were out of date and I really needed to get my CV noticed, both of which this course offered, so decided to apply.

The course was great, well put together and we had an amazing career coach. It was lovely to meet like-minded mums and we created a bond straight away.

I was made aware of the different platforms available to look for suitable opportunities and was advised of the different job sites. Top tips for job searching were shared within the group and was given ideas for new career options.

I loved trying out the new social media platforms and digital tools.

There was a lot of paperwork, so I needed to be disciplined and ensure I made enough time to complete it, it was tricky with a busy family but I enjoyed the challenge!

The course exceeded my expectations, not only do I have my new updated digital skills, my CV is now getting noticed online.

“I am now confident to explore new opportunities and network wherever I can and am even considering other options and new business ventures.”


I would suggest to anyone looking for flexible work to do the training! It’s the perfect way to update your digital skills, learn new information and gain great tips for finding employment. It also gives you an amazing confidence boost, who would have thought I would be a confident networker!

If you’re struggling to find a role to fit around your family and want to know where the flexible jobs are hiding, apply for our next course HERE.