Having been “out of the workplace” for 10 years this mum of two didn’t know where to start. With our help Jess was successful in securing a role!

Tell us a bit about you, your background before children?

Before kids I had a lovely admin job in the civil service for about 7 years. When I was on maternity leave with my daughter, I was dreading putting her in childcare on my return to work. The high cost of childcare would have meant nearly my entire salary would have been spent paying someone else to care for her when at the time I wanted her all to myself. So I was very relieved to accept the offer of voluntary redundancy, whilst on maternity leave, and I’ve been very fortunate to have been a stay at home mum ever since.

What did you want to achieve from the course?

About a year ago, when my kids were 10 and 7.5, I realised I wanted to get back into work and to have something for myself. My husband also started a new business, so there was the practical desire to want to contribute towards the family expenses. But I didn’t know what I could do, or even where to start, having been “out of the workplace” for 10 years. Then towards the end of lockdown, I found Successful Mums on a Google search about getting back to work and on a whim, signed up to the Career Coaching Programme.  I was hoping for some direction on how to go about getting back to work after such a long time out of it, without having the foggiest idea of what that would look like. 

How did your coach help you achieve your goals?

My coach has been fantastic. She’s helped me set goals and kindly encouraged me to achieve them.  The main goal was obviously to get into work and through the monthly calls following the programme, she has helped me with getting my CV updated, writing cover letters for jobs and has been a brilliant cheerleader / pre-interview pep talk giver / post-interview debriefer. And the result is, after a good stretch of doing more interviews than I’ve ever done in my life (great for experience!), I was finally successful in securing a good role!

Honestly, the support has been invaluable.  I went into the programme with extremely low confidence and since doing the course, I feel transformed!


What did the programme include /what did you learn?

The programme was very well-structured, starting with building up much needed confidence and self-esteem. I certainly felt, at the beginning, that I had mush for brains and couldn’t possibly have anything to offer anyone, and actually get paid for it! But over the course of the programme that included heaps of practical advice on cv writing, where to actually look for jobs, interview tips and so on, I began to believe that maybe I do have something to offer and began to send my cv out. 

How would you explain the support that Successful Mums provide to your best friend?

Honestly, the support has been invaluable.  I went into the programme with extremely low confidence and since doing the course,  I feel transformed! Even if I hadn’t secured my new job at this time, I now have the confidence to send my CV out and have a go!

What are you doing now?

I am doing admin for an awarding body.  It’s home-based and part-time, both of which were top of my job search criteria. It’s been an adjustment getting into a new routine with the kids and not having colleagues at my side, in person, to learn from, but I love the work and am delighted with a renewed sense of purpose. 

Whether you’ve been away from work for one year or 10 years, Successful Mums Career Academy can help you make a new start. Apply today and secure your place on one of our fully-funded Back to Work courses, HERE