We met Lacey at a New Addington playgroup, lacking in confidence and thinking she could not return to work, but after a quick chat, she soon realised Successful Mums may be able to help!

Lacey registered for our course, found a flexible role and is now working towards her long-term goal!

Here’s her story..

Hi, I am Lacey, mum of two wonderful boys (6 & 2) living in Croydon. My boys are very energetic and we enjoy spending time together doing the things they love. Before I had my sons, I worked as a nursery nurse and nanny, a job I really enjoyed.

After my first son was born, I thought I wouldn’t be able to return to work as my husband worked full time and without any additional support, it felt like an impossible ask.

I had been out of work for a while being mummy and on this particular day, I took my son to a stay and play session where I met Successful Mums’ Jane Knight. Jane was so friendly and we had a great chat, I told her I would love to get back into work on a part-time basis and do something that would fit around my family life but was worried there was nothing out there for me, I didn’t know where to even start.

Jane told me about Successful Mums Career Academy, the courses they run and the support they provide to help mums back into flexible work. I decided there and then this was for me!

‘The team is amazing and on hand to help and answer any questions. They get where we, as mums, are coming from, which is amazing. I no longer feel alone and now feel part of a community.’


I registered for a course and was introduced to my career coach. I attended weekly webinars which included CV writing and interview skills. I was shown where to look for flexible jobs and was sent details of vacancies to look at. The team guided me through and held my hand every step of the way. Successful Mums really opened my eyes to what is available to mums who want to work around their family and how to go for it. I’ve realised there is so much more out there than I ever expected and more part-time jobs than I imagined. Jobs that fit!!

The team went above and beyond digging deeper into what my ultimate career goal was. I have always wanted to work in Healthcare but wasn’t sure I would have the time or the skills. I was invited, through Successful Mums, to attend a webinar with a representative from the NHS who discussed how the apprenticeship pathway worked. Working in healthcare would be a dream job!

Now, I have a great job that fits in with my family commitments, I’m working part-time in a school as a cleaning technician. This job was the first interview I went for! In addition to this, I also have a pathway to my longer-term career goal! I have set actions and goals to complete to gain an apprenticeship with the NHS to become a Maternity Support Worker.

Not only have Successful Mums given me the confidence and tools to allow me to find a job I love but, they have also opened up my future to my dream career! I feel much more capable and confident in achieving this goal.

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