The pandemic forced Mum of 3, Lana, to reassess her 17 year career as a PA in an international law firm. Here she tells us she built her confidence and stepped out of her comfort zone to find the perfect role.

‘I had a career working at an international law firm for 17 years. I was PA to the Chairman, a role which I thoroughly enjoyed. After I’d had my twins, I returned to a part-time role but unfortunately, due to the pandemic, part time roles were being phased out, so I decided to take voluntary redundancy, as returning to full-time position wasn’t feasible.

Having 3 children meant that ideally, I wanted a part time/school hours/local position so that I could achieve a healthy work-life balance. I was sure those roles would be few and far between!

I saw an advert for the Successful Mums Back to Work and Digital Skills Course advertised on Facebook, several friends had already attended the taster session and had found it beneficial, so I jumped at the chance to register for the course. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but thought any advice on where to find the ‘perfect’ role would be helpful.

The content of the course was so varied, I enjoyed it all. I gained some digital skills using software and apps I’d never used or even heard of before (Trello and other online collaboration tools to simplify and organise projects). I learnt about blogging and was encouraged to start my own blog. I gained tips for improving my interview skills and building my confidence. I met other mums in the same situation as me, working together on tasks, networking and sharing suitable job roles with each other.

“The course improved my confidence and self-belief, it helped immensely with my interview skills and preparation for interviews.


The course improved my confidence and self-belief, it helped immensely with my interview skills and preparation for interviews. I stepped out my comfort zone and applied for jobs that I previously wouldn’t have considered before.

Since finishing the course, I have started studying towards an HR and payroll diploma and have started a new role as a medical secretary, so a complete change of industry. I am finding challenging, interesting and very rewarding… and yes, it’s the perfect role – part time, school hours and local!

I would highly recommend the course to any mum looking to return to work, it was a great confidence booster. It opened my mind to how, as mums, we have a lot of desirable and sought-after skills and qualities that are transferable to the workplace. If I could use one word to sum up the course, it would be ‘empowering!’

Although one tip I would suggest is to ensure you set time aside to work through the modules and complete the assessments and don’t leave them all until the last day!’

If you are reassessing your career options, like Lana, and looking to update your CV and regain your confidence why not apply for one of our courses HERE.