Happy in her new role, Lisa Moody, thanks Successful Mums for giving her the confidence to apply for it!

“When I saw the Successful Mums Back to Work and Digital Skills Course advertised on Facebook, I knew I wanted to know more.

I’d had time off raising my family but felt it was time to do something for me! Previously, I had worked as an IT Administrator for a construction company, but that was a while ago and I felt I needed to regain my confidence and learn new skills before returning to work.

So, I registered for the course and was so glad I did, it was brilliant! Our coach Georgina was lovely, she put my nerves at ease and really helped me build my confidence.

The coursework was challenging but it made me manage my time well and I enjoyed the group meetings and completing the weekly challenges. 

We were encouraged to start applying for jobs, which I did non-stop, but never seemed to get anywhere, but Georgina made sure I kept going and supported me. Due to her encouragement and my persistence, I got my first interview, not only that I got the job!

I am now working as a GP receptionist which I very much enjoy and the people I work with are so lovely. I am continuously talking to patients which helps my confidence grow even more. My job is challenging and not always smooth sailing but that’s what keeps it interesting. 

If I were to give another mum, at the start of their back to work journey, advice, it would be to register for a Successful Mums course and just keep going, it does feel very overwhelming, to begin with, but the support is amazing and you will be so proud of yourself when you’ve completed the course. 

The course changed my life by giving me the confidence to keep applying for roles and the support to feel confident at my first interview. I certainly believe that had I not completed the course I would have never had the confidence to go for an interview, let alone bag myself a job I now love. Thank you, Successful Mums!”