Mum to twin boys, Marcela, was ready to go back to work but was lacking in confidence and with two unsuccessful interviews, she knew she needed help. After attending our Back to Work course Marcela is now freelancing flexibly around her family.

What was your biggest barrier at the start of the course to finding work?

I lacked confidence and my CV and interview skills were completely out of date. I had recently failed two interviews before I registered with the Successful Mums course.

how did Successful Mums support you with your barriers?

Meeting the other Mums, talking and listening to them, hearing about how they were feeling at the time and their lack of confidence made me realise we were all in the same boat.

Georgina, our trainer, clearly explained how to update our CV with brilliant examples. I have changed my CV now, making it concise, clear, to the point and less apologetic for being out of work.

It was interesting to watch the videos they shared about body language and posture, it explained how this can affect the image we project to others and how changing body posture can change the way we feel about ourselves, too. I have caught myself in a slouchy posture when I am feeling nervous before an interview or something important. So, I am practicing it on a daily basis.

What did you hope to achieve from the course? 

To be honest, I wasn’t sure how the course was going to help me because I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted to do! All that I knew at that moment, was that I was feeling really down and I didn’t believe in myself. I now realise that I wanted to regain my confidence when talking, in an interview situation or working.

How would you describe the content of the course?

The content is very comprehensive. The tasks are demanding and the schedule forces you to do things quickly and find the time (even when you think you don’t have it!) But of course, when you are committed to a meeting and Georgina was expecting a task from us, I felt very compelled to do it no matter what. And I am so glad, I did. 

The webinars are fun and it’s nice to hear from the other Mums and their different backgrounds and employment situations.

What did you gain from the course?

Definitely confidence! I also feel more important and powerful, realising my transferable skills from being a mum…I’ve been a nurse, psychologist, manager, cleaner, cook, and the list goes on!

Where and what is your role now and how does this fit in with your family life?

I am working as a freelance Support Artist for different Film and Production Agencies in London. I am also a freelance fashion sales associate working for Harrods and Elite Associates Agency. Alongside this, I am doing collaboration work as a fashion and lifestyle journalist – correspondent for D’Ellas magazine.  

My work is flexible so that allows me to choose the days and times I want to work.  It’s pretty busy at the moment because at the beginning I didn’t have anything and suddenly I got one job after another one.

My partner is working from home, I use a nursery a few days a week and also a nanny who helps me when nobody else can help.  I’m working pretty hard at the moment and it’s a juggle but it will become a lot easier in September when my twins will be in nursery!

This course has been an eye-opener and a rediscovery tool of who I used to be when I was younger and it has shown me all the potential that I have.”


What difference has attending this course made to your life?

A lot. Just seeing another point of view about the fundamental role of the woman in life and in society.  Women are resilient and strong and also loving and soft when it’s required.  As women, we can achieve a lot more. This course has been an eye-opener and a rediscovery tool of who I used to be when I was younger and it has shown me all the potential that I have.

Finally, how would you describe what Successful Mums do to your best friend?

Successful Mums is a program funded by the government to help women, especially mothers, to go back to work after a gap due to maternity or being redundant.  There are only women in our group, but they also include dads, carers and non-parents too.

Successful Mums is a lifesaver and helps you to go to the place where you always dreamed to be with structured training and great follow-up.

If like Marcela you are looking to update your CV and regain your confidence get in touch at