Mum of two, Maria had to give up her career as a dentist due to her husband’s relocation and with a 12-year career break she began to doubt whether she would ever return to work.

Armed with newfound confidence and a little support and guidance from Successful Mums, Maria was able to reignite her career journey, read her story here.

My name is Maria Asif, I’m originally from Pakistan but have lived in the UK for the past couple of years. I am a dentist by profession but due to my husband’s relocations and raising our two beautiful girls, I could not continue with my career.

I heard about Successful Mums from a mum at my younger one’s school. She told me how Successful Mums helped her land a job. I was looking to work too so decided to apply for the career coaching programme.

It’s a great programme for people like me who have been out of work for a long time. Raising children is an overwhelming task and getting back to work is difficult. Successful Mums gave me hope, and the webinars with other parents were incredibly helpful. The coaching gave me the opportunity to learn new skills and helped me get my self-confidence back.

Dee, my career coach helped me throughout the whole process by supporting me, checking in on me, and sharing jobs, opportunities and courses. Within a few months of starting the programme, I had already found a job.

I can’t believe there is coaching like this out there which is free of charge and supported by such an extremely helpful team. My experience was wonderful, it really helped with my self-esteem. I would definitely recommend Successful Mums to everyone. When you put the effort in, it really works.

The biggest thing I gained since the training is the ability and confidence to take part in interviews for jobs which are out of my dental field of expertise. With Dee’s help, I was able to identify transferable skills and expand my job search more broadly into the healthcare and education sectors. I also learnt how to write and adapt my CV according to the job description.

I used my newfound skills to secure a job, and while it is a short-term contract, I will still be applying for different roles in other sectors and will be using these skills to find a permanent job.

I was a stay-at-home mum for over 12 years, and having a career break for that length of time made me think I might never work again. However Successful Mums changed that. They helped me regain my confidence and now I believe that I will achieve what I want to.

However long your career break has been, Successful Mums Career Academy is here to help you make a new start with confidence.

Apply today to secure your place on one of our fully-funded courses here.