Rose wanted to find out why she wasn’t getting the jobs she was applying for. With help from Successful Mums she now has her new career plan sorted.

What was your biggest barrier at the start of the course to finding work? 

Finding a role that would fit in with my family life, that I would still enjoy.

How did the course do to support you with your barriers?

It helped me realise that I could find a job that I can still enjoy and that there were roles out there locally or home-based, meaning a better work-life balance.

What did you hope to achieve from the course?

To help me find a job but to also find out what I was doing wrong as to why I wasn’t getting the jobs I applied for.  I was hoping to find out where more local job vacancies were advertised too.

I also wanted to meet other mums that were in a similar situation to me.

How would you describe the course?

The information and content provided on the course was excellent. I was able to update my CV and it gave me the confidence to apply for jobs. I was now also looking at different roles, ones which I had never considered before. The course also helped with possible obstacles that may occur whilst applying for these roles. It made me realise I am not the only one finding it hard to find a job.

If you are working, what is your role and how does this fit in with your family life?

I work for a company called Chop and Chip, an event catering company that supplies street food for weddings, birthdays, etc.  My role is an Event Sales Coordinator, working from home 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. This role works perfectly for me as I can be at home when my daughter gets back from school.

I also want to start my own cake business, so this part-time role gives me a chance to research and practice my baking skills.

“I was confident to apply for jobs that I would have never applied for previously.”


What difference has attending this course made to your life?

I was confident to apply for jobs that I would have never applied for previously. I learnt about new job websites and found out where the jobs were hiding. The interview techniques were great and came in very handy!

Finally, how would you describe what Successful mums do to your best friend?

Successful Mums helped me to rebuild my confidence and find a new career.

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