What is your background pre-children? 

I worked for a Marine Underwriter in the City.

How long was your career break? 

I’d been on a break for about one and a half years.

What barriers did you face to finding work? 

Due to Covid I was home-schooling but also I was studying a Life Coaching Diploma with The Coaching Academy whilst job searching, not the easiest of scenarios!

Which course did you complete? 

Digital Skills Course.

Tell us your experience on the course?

On a business and personal level, it was great to develop my digital skills. We attended a webinar each week, used a learning platform to complete our tasks and the support from our trainers was faultless.

It is an intensive 6 weeks, but it is broken down into manageable steps. It certainly improved my confidence when it comes to digital skills!

Where are you working now? 

I’m now working for a Lloyd’s syndicate in the City on a short-term contract for 6 months – Digital Underwriting.

“It is an intensive 6 weeks, but it is broken down into manageable steps. It certainly improved my confidence when it comes to digital skills!


What is the biggest thing you have gained and how will you use this in the future? 

Confidence in using my newfound digital skills. The intensive training is so rewarding when you put the work in, I am big into learning new skills hence my coaching qualification too. 

What top tip would you give another mum at the start of their journey? 

Do this fantastic course, the topics are so relevant today with more people flexibly and remotely. It will teach you how to work from home with new digital skills and tools.

It will help build your confidence and digital skills knowledge if you are wanting to return to work.

The support from Successful Mums has been excellent, if I had to sum up the course in one word it would be, faultless!

If you are looking to build your confidence and increase your digital knowledge apply for one of our courses today, HERE!