Theresa had been on a career break for six years when she decided to return to work but wasn’t sure how a job would fit around her family life. Not knowing where to start and lacking confidence she contacted Successful Mums.

After registering for our course her confidence grew, she was motivated and with the time she was dedicating to the course she soon realised that she could pursue a part-time role that would suit her commitments.

“Having been given the opportunity to become a mum at 44, my life now has changed from what I thought it was going to be, 7 years ago!

Prior to this life-changing event, I had completed a degree in English and Drama, followed by drama school and was living the life of a jobbing actor.

This career was backed up by, as you can imagine, many forms of ‘resting’ jobs, from working in retail, reception work, handing out audio guides in Kensington Palace to tour guiding on the buses!

By my late thirties, I settled down into the role of office manager at the Barbican Arts Centre, giving up acting for security. I thought I would be back in part-time employment locally by the time my daughter went to school, but that didn’t happen due to the pandemic taking its grip – cat sitting was my only employment (Catinaflat App) where I was able to take my daughter along with me.

With no network of family support to depend on, it made more financial sense to be a full-time mum, and as I say, thinking this would never happen to me, I was grateful to be able to prioritise parenting.

“I feel like I have found my tribe! I felt a bit invisible as a ‘stay-at-home mum’ but finding Successful Mums has made me feel seen and excited about my continuing journey to find a career that is compatible with being a parent.


When I decided to dip my toe back into the water of the working world, I felt completely and utterly overwhelmed as to where to start. I ‘good old’ Googled something like ‘jobs for mums’, and Successful Mums appeared before my eyes! A few roles on their job board looked good and all my mum skills were being recognised by this website. I couldn’t quite believe it when I tapped ‘yes’ to register my interest in their Confidence Course. My partner was concerned and thought it sounded too good to be true, that it was fully funded, but when I received the call from a very friendly lady, she explained the eligibility criteria, which I met so the course was, indeed completely free. To be honest the whole registering process was so simple. From this point, where I had once felt very alone, I suddenly felt like I’d found a community.

The Confidence Course was exciting and challenging. The learning platform was a really straightforward interface to use, and the programme was easy to follow. The weekly meetings and sub-group catch-ups were inspiring and supportive. I had only used zoom socially in lockdown and was a little nervous about it. But with the frequency of logging into it, taking turns to set up the sub-group meetings, my confidence was already increased.

I really enjoyed meeting the other mums attending the course, sharing our stories, our dreams, our set-backs, and opportunities. In particular, I bonded with my sub-group buddies, as we worked on challenges and projects together.

I revisited my old technical skills and realised they were still there! I enjoyed encouraging and helping those who were completely new to the online office experience. I also loved putting together PowerPoint presentations, something I did in my previous role but had never felt confident, somehow with Successful Mums it all clicked into place.

Squeezing 15-20 hours of study time into my week proved to me that it was possible to pursue a part-time job within these hours. Even if some weeks I struggled, the teamwork ethic of Successful Mums really helped pull me through.

I enjoyed the course so much, having the routine each week really motivated me, so I decided to sign up for the Wellbeing Course, which again had a lovely flowing structure and community.

I now have career coaching with Successful Mums; we’ve finished the formal online meetings but I still have monthly one-to-ones with my coach, this helps me work towards deadlines, and makes me look at where I am from a different angle.

I am happy to tell friends and family what a supportive organisation Successful Mums really is and what an important job they do to bring a community of parents and carers together. Being a parent can be very isolating – to have this support and people encouraging you to reach your potential, to cheer on your wins and help you through the challenges is so valuable. They provide information, positivity and the attitude to make you think that things are possible – you just need to keep opening doors and taking steps and understanding what it is you want and need.

Through these courses, I have realised how important it is for me to be present for my family so have been looking for work within school hours and term time. It’s so heartening and refreshing to have an organisation that recognises the importance of raising children whilst still having career ambitions.

The biggest thing I have gained from this training is definitely a sense of community and the idea that we are all in it together. Also to really look into what it is I want out of a career, drill down, and understand it, then start working towards it.

I feel like I have found my tribe! I felt a bit invisible as a ‘stay-at-home mum’ but finding Successful Mums has made me feel seen and excited about my continuing journey to find a career that is compatible with being a parent.”

If you’re looking to get back into the job market but not sure where to start, get in touch and we’ll help you take those first steps. Register your interest HERE.