After a 7-year career break Yuanyuan felt anxious and uncertain about getting a part time flexible role and felt the pandemic had delayed her training and return to work. Successful Mums were on hand to help turn things around …..

Tell us a bit about your background before children?

Prior to becoming a mum, I worked for 10 years in PR, marketing and market research in China and the UK. Once I had my son, I decided to take a career break. In my heart, I knew I had the ability to achieve my goals, but I started to doubt whether prospective employers would look beyond my 7-year career break and my age. Also, I wasn’t sure if I could find a position that would allow me the flexibility to fit in part-time professional training.

What did you want to achieve from the course?

I signed up for a Successful Mums course because I felt that I needed to update my digital skills and get some much needed advice on returning to work as a parent. I was feeling lost and discouraged with my job applications and needed some extra support.

What difference has attending this course made to your life?

Successful Mums helped me to stay focused on my goals and have belief in myself even when I felt rejected and overlooked in the job application process.

How did your job search go?

My wish came true! I secured a part-time flexible role that’s close to my heart in the non-profit sector. I now work for a non-profit organisation called The Brilliant Club, as a programme coordinator. I have also started my professional training in counselling which was part of my long-term plan.

How did Successful mums help you with your barriers?

My career coach offered me help with practical information about job searching or further training. She also gave me emotional support along the way which I found very valuable, as it gave my confidence a boost during my moments of self-doubt and helped me stay focused on my goals.

How would you describe the content of the course?

I had regular 1-1 meetings with my coach to help me work towards my agreed goals. We received support with cv writing, interview skills, confidence and advice on finding flexible jobs which was invaluable.

Successful Mums have been my trusted partner on my journey to find my place in the professional world again after an extended career break. With all the support I received, I was able to turn my vision into actionable plans and work towards my long-term goals.“


What would be your 3 top tips for mums starting with Successful mums?

1. Join the course with an open mind

2. Focus not only on professional development but also on emotional growth and wellbeing too

3. Celebrate small wins, even if they’re just baby steps!

However long your career break has been, Successful Mums Career Academy is here to help you make a new start with confidence. Apply today to secure your place on one of our fully-funded courses here.