Yvette wanted to return to work but found her biggest challenge was finding a job that would fit in with her family. Not knowing where to look for these roles Yvette turned to Successful Mums for guidance and enrolled on our Back to Work Course.

“Any worries I had about joining the back to work course were immediately put at ease, as soon as the training started, our tutor was so helpful and really supported us throughout the course.  Sharing the experience with a group of mums in the same situation helped with our confidence, everyone had great advice for each other. It was so nice to be part of something extremely positive.

My tutor helped me identify my strengths, which helped me focus to update my CV to include the transferable skills that I have gained from being a mum.

We were given ideas for possible career changes and advised where to look for these jobs. The interview techniques session was great, the tips shared for being prepared really helped.

Feeling more confident, I started applying for jobs and am happy to say that I secured a flexible role. I am now enjoying a part-time receptionist position that fits in perfectly with family and other activities.

Thank you Successful Mums, for making me step outside of my comfort zone.”