Mum of Two, Anne, needed help to promote her business and get her products seen. After completing our course she is now ready to put her learning into practice…

What is your background pre-children?

Before starting my family, I was a fashion/textile designer. I decided to set myself up as self-employed after being made redundant. I took time off to raise my children and have only properly restarted working as my youngest has started reception. 

What is your business?

I sell organic skincare kits, prints and textiles online and locally.

What barriers did you face starting your business?

I wasn’t getting noticed; my products weren’t getting any exposure. I needed help with how to promote my business.

What Successful Mums course did you do and how did you find out about it?

I registered for the Digital Promotion for Business Course. A friend of mine had completed the Back to Work Course, which sounded interesting, so I checked out the website. The Digital Promotion looked like it was exactly what I was looking for.

It has made me more business minded, I’m a designer/maker so it doesn’t come naturally to me!


Tell us your experience of the course?

The structure of the course was great, it gave me a general understanding of the whole concept of digital promotion.  Packed full of information which helped me understand the digital world of promotion more, giving me ideas on how to promote my business and it encouraged me to improve my marketing techniques.

It has made me more business-minded, I’m a designer/maker so it doesn’t come naturally to me!

If I had to sum up the course in 3 words, they would be stimulating, informative, challenging.

What top tip would you give another mum at the start of their business journey?

Be positive, ask questions, collaborate and enjoy the learning.