Cheryl Haynes – Getting Dizzy over Business

What is the name of your business?

My Dizzy Moon.

What does your business do?

I offer half-day workshops teaching the skills of stained glass and copper foiling as well as selling handmade stained glass gifts.

How did Successful Mums help?

I attended the Business Start-up course. It was great to share ideas and get tips about how to actually get started. Meeting other Mums and the realisation that you’re not the only one to feel scared about making the step toward self-employment really spurred me on plus the Successful Mums online support forum really helped as we were able to support each other in-between sessions.

What inspired you to start your own business?

After suffering a back injury that resulted in having to give up my career in supporting special needs children in mainstream schools, I set about following my dream of becoming a glass artist and sharing my skills with others.

What challenges did you have when starting a business?

My main challenge is my own self-doubt and lack of confidence. This is still a challenge I fight with every day, however, the Successful Mums course provided a range of confidence techniques that helped me.

What does personal success mean to you?

Being a positive role model for my daughter is my main incentive. The fulfilment I get from being creative.

What is the most challenging thing about working for yourself?

Having been in full-time employment since I left school, it was a huge adjustment to work for myself in terms of having relaxed time schedules. I don’t have a problem with time management, it is just a bit weird having the freedom to please myself when I have been so used to such rigid time constraints when working for somebody else. Working for yourself just doesn’t feel like you’re working!

What is the most rewarding thing about working for yourself?

All of the above, but in reverse. It’s great being the master of your day but you do need to be fairly strict with yourself.

What top tip do you have for other Mums thinking of starting a business?

Be patient. It will take time to build your business.

What work-life balance tip do you have?

You won’t have a 9 – 5 working day anymore. Go with the flow. It works both ways, in that you will be working the odd evening or at weekends but you can grab downtime practically whenever you want. Be flexible and organised.

If Cheryl’s story has inspired you to start your own business find out more and book on to our Business Start-up Course. Find out more HERE.