Meet Successful Mum Cheryl Huggins, Makeup Artist

Tell us about your Business?

My business is called Cheryl Huggins Makeup Artist. I offer a professional makeup and beauty service that provides natural, glamorous makeovers for any special occasion, including weddings. I also deliver step-by-step makeup tutorials in your own home.

Successful Mum Grad & Ambassador Cheryl

What inspired you to start your own business?

After being a full time carer, a single parent with limited finances and spending a short stay in hospital, I felt the fear of not following my dream.. and at that moment I decided to follow my passion and begin the tentative steps to starting my own business.

At Jane’s Taster Session in Bromley, I was inspired by the great ideas many of the women shared about their businesses. I immediately signed up to attend the Business Start-up Course in partnership with Orpington 1st and after the first session, I knew this was the best decision EVER!

How did Successful Mums and Jane help you?

I met a group of women who were all starting on their business journeys, we shared ideas and gave support to each other. Jane provided professional guidance, transforming our confidence and business acumen. She helped us with our business plans and gave regular encouragement to keep us motivated. I began to see my business idea was achievable.

What challenges did you have when starting a business?

My main challenge was a belief in myself, could I do this with all my responsibilities and time constraints, no financial support or a backup plan?

I was concerned that I would not be able to join the business arena after a hiatus from the cosmetic industry, having previously worked in the business for over 20 years, with current beauty technology and makeup innovation developing at every turn, would I need to retrain?

Could I still be a devoted mother to my teen son, and continue as a carer to my disabled mother and be a small business owner? I had so many challenges in my head.

What does personal success mean to you?

FREEDOM to spend quality time with my family, the sense of achievement that I can provide an income from my small business.

What is the most challenging thing about working for yourself?

For me, the most challenging thing is finding the time to develop my brand.

What is the most rewarding thing about working for yourself?

Working for myself has allowed me the financial freedom to breathe. I love creating new looks for women and feel so proud when I receive beautiful feedback from people that I have worked with.

What top tip do you have for other Mums thinking of starting a business?

My top tip is to believe in yourself, take small steps and give 100% every day. On a practical level, always check and check again when sending out emails or printed material. Always try to stick to deadlines for your clients. Never over-promise your capabilities or time scales and always be truthful.

What work-life balance tip do you have?

Designate time for family and time for yourself away from the business to allow your mind and spirit to regroup so that you can be the best mother, partner and businesswoman that you can be.

You can find out more about Cheryl’s business on her website, here or her Facebook page here.

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