Making headlines with Successful Mums

When PR specialist Debbie wanted more from her flexible career, it was an easy decision to start her own business. Here, Debbie explains how Successful Mums helped her knock her business plan into shape and give Scott Communications the kick-start it needed.

“I set up Scott Communications to help organisations and people tell their stories. My background is in PR and communications and I’ve held a real variety of roles over the years, including in David Cameron’s press team, corporate government relations for Hewlett-Packard and the Royal Naval Reserve, where I was a Junior Officer and PR advisor.

After my daughter was born, I found a great part-time role for a global engineering consultancy, where I could work from home as well as in London. Though it was very flexible, I often wondered about setting up my own company as I worked consistently above and beyond the hours for which I was paid. I thought: “I’m passionate about this and I’m putting so much into it, so why don’t I just do it for myself?”

A friend introduced me to Successful Mums. We’d had a few conversations about setting up our own businesses and Emma had signed up for the Business Start-up course. I went on holiday and, when I came back, her business was up and running! It was amazing to see her journey and how quickly she did things. I signed up for the next course there and then.

One of the greatest things about the Start-up course is the momentum it gives you. Although it’s only two days a week, it’s a real commitment because you have homework and you have to get everything ticked off and done to a high standard. But it’s a fantastic course and really gives you the impetus to kick-start your business and just do it.

The social side of it is great, too. For me, it was nice not to be at home on my own, trying to make my business work. I really enjoyed spending that six weeks with a group of like-minded women and, of course, Derryn (our coach). We all had the same get-up-and-go and immediately clicked. It was almost like we were a group of friends going into work together every week and, when the course was over, I think we all had withdrawal symptoms!

I went into business development mode once we finished. It felt daunting but, as Derryn said, I’d done the groundwork and just had to go out and make it real. I’m now running Scott Communications with my husband, who brings his expertise in digital transformation to the company. I’m enjoying working with a wide range of clients and am involved with some great projects, including a campaign to roll out the Armed Forces Covenant, which involves a couple of big events during Armed Forces Week.

It’s good to be proving that I can do this on my own but I’ve realised that, when you’re starting your own business, one of the most important things is to get yourself a good support network. You can find freelancer groups on Facebook, for example, which are great for answering questions. But I would definitely recommend getting in touch with Successful Mums: you’re going to find such a great, supportive network there.”

You can find out more about Scott Communications here and on Facebook.

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