Eve Miles’ Little Art Shed – why did this established business owner go back to Jane?

The Little Art Shed’s Eve

A passion for teaching art and a shed at the bottom of the garden allowed Eve to see an opportunity for her to create her business, The Little Art Shed. In the shed, Eve runs art classes for children from school age upwards and the business has been a great success. She has expanded to another site and continues to do well there, but…

As Eve’s third child is about to start school, she is being asked to host pre-school age classes. Eve needed some advice and a chance to focus on her business for a couple of hours.

Eve signed up for a Successful Mums Business Start-Up Session to allow herself to concentrate on her business plans.

She found the session hugely beneficial even as an established business owner. Thanks to Jane’s course, Eve could clarify her thoughts around her target market. She sees the time on the course as an investment in her business and has already made plans to expand.

“I see the time on the course as an investment in my business and have already made plans to expand..”


It just goes to show that regardless of the size of your business, it will always benefit from some inspirational ‘Jane time’!

Find out about Eve’s Shed here and to start your new business journey, why not book onto one of our business courses HERE.