MeMe Jewellery, Michelle

A very different Thai takeaway

Sometimes, you might see something that really strikes a chord with you: it could be anything – a niche café that you’ve visited, an inspiring place on a holiday or just everyday sights and experiences. That inspiration may, over time (or perhaps immediately!), turn into a business idea, which is what happened to one Successful Mum grad, Michelle.

Michelle had lived in Thailand for ten years and throughout this time was immersed in the culture, the colours and the environment of this far eastern jewel. On her return, the mother of one in her early 30s decided to study for a degree in design with the aim of creating beautiful jewellery influenced by memories of her time abroad.

I met Michelle at one of the Pop-Up Sutton events, a brilliant local initiative run by Opportunity Sutton and Successful Sutton where she had enrolled for 1 to 1 coaching with me. She was at the stage where she wanted to take her business idea to the next level but wasn’t sure how.

The 1 to 1 coaching sessions cover many areas of business such as setting-up, increasing your client base, how to promote your business as well as some of the nitty gritty issues such as tax and finance.

Thanks to our conversations, Michelle felt ready to develop Me Me Jewellery. Her delicate, feminine pieces can be found on the handmade website, Etsy.

Bright, exotic colours that evoke Thailand, provide flashes of colour against the pearls in the bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Many of her designs are perfect as wedding jewellery thanks to their subtle elegance but could also be worn as everyday pieces too.

So if you’re away this summer on holiday, look around you and be inspired. Successful Mums can help you with a variety of courses – that nugget of an idea could turn into a golden opportunity to be your own boss.

You can find out more about Michelle’s jewellery on her Etsy, Facebook and Twitter pages.
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