Sweet dreams of success for Teepee Team’s Rachel

New business owner Rachel was so inspired by her family’s fun-filled birthday parties and camping trips that she set up Teepee Team, a luxury sleepover party company.

Here, Rachel explains how Successful Mums helped turn her business dreams into reality.

“My children have always loved sleepovers: hanging out with their friends, having midnight feasts and chatting until the early hours. They both have birthdays in May and for years we’d throw sleepover parties in a huge tent in the garden. It was this, along with our annual camping holidays to the New Forest and Devon, that gave me the idea for Teepee Team.

When I started working on my business idea, I had just accepted a position as a midwife at a hospital in London. I was struggling to juggle the demands of shift work with being a mum and running a home. I was always tired and felt pulled in too many directions. I decided working for myself would enable me to have a much better work-life balance.

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I used to run a tuck shop at school, selling drinks, crisps and sweets for a profit. Over the years, I’ve had various business ideas but, for one reason or another, I never pursued them. My dream had always been to start my own business but I was worried about making the leap.

It was a very relaxed and non-judgemental environment, so we could all be very honest


Successful Mums helped me do that. The Business Start-up course was full of practical advice and Derryn, our coach, was so welcoming and friendly. A couple of Successful Mums – an accountant and a social media consultant – came in to give us tips for our businesses and, as a group, we all shared ideas and supported one another. It was a very relaxed and non-judgemental environment, so we could all be very honest.

One of the things Derryn encouraged us to do was reach out to similar businesses for advice – and that turned out to be really useful. I was nervous about doing it because I didn’t want anyone to think I was planning to take their ideas! But in the end, I contacted a teepee party company in another county, so it wouldn’t be seen as a threat. The owner was lovely and invited me to spend a day with her, helping set up her parties. That was really valuable and we’ve since become friends and worked together a few times.

After the course, I felt ready to take the plunge! I’d done lots of research and had lists of everything I needed to buy. I set up my social media accounts, did a test run with one of the mums on my course and haven’t looked back. I’m loving running Teepee Team and having a work-life balance that means I can be there for my children before and after school.

To anyone considering starting their own business, I would definitely recommend reaching out to Successful Mums – you will not regret it!”

You can find out more about Teepee Team’s magical sleepover parties here.

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