Rebecca turned a passion for fashion into her dream business 

When Rebecca Ffrancon gave her career a makeover, it was all about doing something she loved.

Here, Rebecca talks about how Successful Mums helped her launch her personal styling business – and why she pinches herself every single day.

“I’ve always loved fashion but it was only after becoming a mum that I discovered a real passion for personal styling. Like a lot of new mums, I kind of lost my style mojo and my sense of self for a while. That can happen when you’re still stuck in maternity-style outfits, waiting for your body to get back to normal – or accepting the new normal, which might never be quite the same as it was before. And when you think you don’t look your best, it can be hard to feel your best.

Rediscovering my own style really lit me up and I realised that it was something I could do to help other women, too. After lots of research and reading everything I could lay my hands on, I retrained as a personal stylist last spring. I loved it but I also knew I had a way to go before I was ready to launch my business.

Successful Mums was absolutely pivotal in giving me the confidence to make that leap. The Business Start-up course stopped me talking about myself as someone who’d just trained as a personal stylist – and instead helped me get out there and say: “I’m a personal stylist. This is what I do.”

I learnt a huge amount about good business practice and getting the right systems in place, and our trainer Derryn made it a lot of fun. It was certainly much more fun than if I’d been sitting at home, trying to understand tax or look up GDPR online. One piece of homework was to write a financial forecast and that has been brilliant. I use it all the time but I would never have written it if I’d been left to my own devices.

The friendships we formed and the camaraderie on the course were just amazing. Starting your own business can be quite isolating, so making connections with other people in a similar situation is key. We all supported one another – and still do. In fact, we feel like old friends already!

I got my business up and running as soon as the course was over and two of my first clients were mums from my group, which was lovely. I’m now doing lots of marketing and new clients are finding me on Google and Facebook, so that’s really exciting. I love being able to organise my diary and have the flexibility to work around my little boy and the school run.

I can’t believe I’m doing something I love and getting paid for it. I really do pinch myself every day!”

Find out more about Rebecca’s personal styling business here on her Facebook page or website.

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