I am using so many new skills and techniques from the course in my business and already seeing great results!

Our Digital Promotion Course gave Sara the confidence and skills to move the business to another level! Read her full story here and there’s even a special treat for our Successful Mums Network!

Mama Lab Retreats wellbeing team, Rachel, Amanda & Sara

Hello, I’m Sara and I have 3 children aged 7, 8 and 21.

When my eldest child was at primary school I worked full time as a solicitor, it was a tough juggle, but I had him at 25 so I had more energy then to do a commute and full-time job!

After having my 2 girls, I decided it was time to do something that could fit in around my busy family life, so I retrained as a yoga teacher and bodyworker.

However, I struggled to get work as a yoga teacher in studios as I couldn’t be flexible (ironically for a yoga teacher!) and could only work around my children. So, I decided to set up as a teacher for myself.

My youngest child went to school in 2019 and, since then, I had been thinking about how to move forward with my well-being career. Then the pandemic hit and it became so clear that working mums, in particular, need support right now. In September 2020, I co-founded Mama Lab Retreats, online and in-person wellbeing retreats for mums.

I have teamed up with two amazing women, also mums and wellbeing experts and we offer guidance and support on a range of topics such as optimal nutrition, physical health, mindfulness, movement, relationships, stress, resilience and personal growth.

“The course gave me a deeper understanding of the needs of my audience, and helped me to achieve my goal to create a new website for my business which I have finished now!”


What made you want to join the Successful Mums course?

The mental load of looking after 2 small children and managing my business was overwhelming. I had been looking after my own social media accounts but I didn’t really have a plan! The marketing was so labour intensive and there seemed to be an ever-expanding choice of platforms and tools.  I had done a quick online digital media course before but it was very basic and I knew I needed a comprehensive course that could help me create a digital campaign in detail.

I saw an advert for the Digital Promotion for Business Mums advertised, I could see that the course would provide me with comprehensive training on a number of platforms and was so pleased that I was eligible to take part.

What was your biggest challenge when joining the course?

Time is always a challenge for me, like most mums. The course requires around 8 hours each week at least to complete so I had to make sure I scheduled time in advance every week. It was a good test of my organising skills and also how to prioritise my work. I soon realised that a lot of the social media work I was doing on my business was not really necessary!

What was your biggest take away from the course?

An understanding that it is quality of content over quantity.

Also, finally having the confidence to use video! I discovered In-Shot, which is a really easy way of creating and editing videos. I use it all the time now and it has shaved hours off my previous video editing time. I have been enjoying posting reels regularly now and can see how useful they are to reach a wider audience. Plus it’s fun! 

How would you explain the training to others?

This comprehensive training will show you how to use social media and digital marketing techniques optimally, so you can plan and track your own unique digital marketing campaign. It gives you a better understanding of your audience and how to produce relevant content creatively.

What is your top tip to mums thinking about starting a business?

You don’t have to be everything to everyone. Find a niche that makes sense to you and your tribe will find you. Work out who your specific audience is and really get to know them first. Do some market research and make sure you are actually fulfilling the needs of your audience.

Another tip that has helped me, is getting to know the technologies and building my own business accounts and platforms myself. This means that I can change them as and when I need to without paying someone to do it for me. The pandemic has meant a lot of changes so it has been so useful for me to be able to do all of this myself.

What did you achieve from the course and what are you doing now?

One of my goals was to create a new website for Mama Lab Retreats, which is now live and running so well!

The course gave me a deeper understanding of the needs of our audience, busy mums really struggle to find time and space for their wellbeing. As a result, we’ve created wellbeing retreats for mums and after implementing a digital campaign created on the course, we sold out our first retreat! 

I find that I am using so many new skills and techniques that I gained from the course in my business on a daily basis and would highly recommend the training for people at any stage of their business journey.

If you’d like to know more about Mama Lab Retreats, you can take a look at our website here. Our next retreat is Re:connect in October, an Autumn retreat day for mums in the beautiful Kent countryside. Learn holistic therapy techniques to add spark and energy to your life and enjoy a fun day out with like-minded women. You can find out more about this event HERE.

If like Sara, you have a business and want to learn new ways to pivot during these unsettled times then we’re here to help! We have online courses starting every month so join us and reach your full potential! Register your interest HERE.