A change of career for Successful Mum Tracey

I’d had a successful career in recruitment before I went on maternity leave with my daughter.

I loved spending time with her but when she was about one, I started to feel as though my confidence levels were dropping. I saw the Successful Mums Taster Session advertised and went along. It changed everything – it had come along at just the right time and gave me the boost and motivation I needed.

I had previously considered retraining as a bookkeeper and this pushed me to put the plan into action – it’s amazing that when you get your confidence back you start realising your worth.

I then attended the Successful Mums Business Start-up Course, all you need to start your own business is in this course, everything in a little basket for you! I did a lot of research – I did my research on other bookkeepers and I rang a firm of accountants to learn what they would be looking for in a bookkeeper – little did I know how much that call would matter!

Once I had completed my training, people started to hear that I was available for work.

Through my network of friends, I had secured a position in a Recruitment company doing their bookkeeping and a little recruitment too.

Successful Mums Business Start-up Course – all you need to start your own business is in this course, everything in a little basket for you!


Jane Knight also put me in touch with an accountant where I ended up doing bookkeeping for him too. A year later, the accountant I had first contacted dug out my number and gave me a call and I’m still working with him now!

The biggest challenge was understanding the legal requirements of bookkeeping but that was a small price to pay for the feeling I have in the morning – looking forward to work!

I love that I contribute to the family income, that I can fit work around family responsibilities and that I’m a role model to my daughter.

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