Continuing our celebration of Black History Month we have the pleasure of welcoming back Cheryl Huggins, an exceptional entrepreneur who embarked on a life-changing journey nearly a decade ago by enrolling in the Successful Mums business start-up course.

As we reconnect with Cheryl, we hear about her flourishing business journey and the remarkable strides she has made since our initial meeting. With her unwavering determination and the invaluable knowledge gained from her start-up course, Cheryl has undoubtedly carved a path filled with success and achievements.

Cheryl’s experiences serve as a beacon of hope for aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly those from diverse backgrounds, as she exemplifies the power of resilience, passion, and seizing opportunities.

After extensive absences within her career in the makeup and skincare industry, Cheryl who was born in the UK to parents from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, wanted to start her own business but faced so many challenges;  the lack of belief in herself; could she start a business with all her personal responsibilities, could she still be a devoted mother to her teen son, and continue as a carer to her disabled mother; time constraints; no financial support or a backup plan?

By chance, Cheryl saw a flyer in her local library for a Business Taster session run by Successful Mums Founder, Jane Knight. She was intrigued and went along. She was so inspired by Jane’s enthusiasm and the ideas shared by other mums in the room, she immediately signed up to attend the Business Start-up Course.

Here she met a group of like-minded women, all starting on their business journeys, sharing ideas and giving support to each other. Jane provided professional guidance, transforming the groups’ confidence and business knowledge. With the encouragement to keep her motivated, Cheryl began to see that her business idea was achievable.

With Successful Mums direction Cheryl was able to deliver a professional business focus that suited her life and her family commitments and that business continued to grow, and grow!

During lockdown, she began the experimental development and the birth of her skincare company. Her new brand Face Clays draws heavily on creating the perfect home Spa Beauty in a capsule box, perfect for relaxation and self-care. Taking inspiration from traditional beauty rituals that have been used in her family for generations, her bespoke skincare line was initially shared on a Channel 5 documentary at her home, where she delivered free trial makeup sessions in her garden! 

Cheryl still puts the extensive strategies she learnt during the course, to good use, to support her business and build her Podcast and Masterclasses. She has created a niche position as a Skincare and Makeup specialist for international brands and raised her profile as a specialist in her field and was nominated for an International Global ‘blogger award’ in 2022.

Cheryl is now well on her way to accomplishing her goal and has been able to continue her career as a London-based makeup artist and a sought-after skincare educator and professional facialist.  She is also a luxury brand ambassador, for many award-winning prestigious makeup and skincare clients.

With Christmas fast approaching this lifestyle and beauty specialist can be found at exciting pop-up locations in Kent and London.  Her Beauty Boxes containing facial treatment oils, rejuvenating clays and relaxing foot soaks will be available from November 2023.   

You can find more about Cheryl’s business on Facebook and Instagram.