Meet Corinna, a talented photographer, yoga teacher and dedicated mother, who joined our Digital Promotion course with the aim of taking her photography business to new heights. Eager to learn more Corinna has also enrolled on our Digital & IT Skills and Enterprise courses.

Her Successful Mum journey hasn’t stopped there! We were so impressed with her photography skills and passion that we recently entrusted her with the role of ‘official photographer’ during a recent Business Workshop.

I’m Corinna, an Italian (and now also British) soul nurtured by beauty, art and spirituality. I have a diverse background that spans education, photography, and yoga. Life has always been my canvas, and I’ve painted it, or should say photographed it, with a palette of passions!

I love helping people whether it comes to creating the perfect profile picture for their social media or action shots for their website. I’m also a certified yoga teacher and a healthy nutrition enthusiast.

Before heading down this photography path, I had taken a step back to care for my son. It was a challenging phase and I was navigating motherhood without the support of my family as they were all back in Europe.

It was during this time that my work coach introduced me to Successful Mums Career Academy. It was exactly what I had been looking for – flexible courses with a mix of solo, go-at-your-own-pace learning and working in teams via Zoom. I was excited to expand my knowledge, especially my digital skills and marketing, to help my business and return to work.

Successful Mums stood out as the beacon of opportunity, and I grasped it hoping it could illuminate my future. Which it did. It wasn’t just about the content, the magic also came from the people I encountered along the way. Meeting fellow learners with a shared passion for learning and growth was invigorating. 

Thanks to our coach I felt more than supported; I felt nurtured by their expertise and genuine care. The coach and the ‘course colleagues’ added a personal touch to the training, turning it into a collaborative experience that resonated deeply with me.

Enrolling in each course was like climbing a unique step of a ladder, and now, on my third course, I’m finding myself in the position of pulling all the strings together. It’s like I’ve climbed high enough to see the bigger picture, and it’s a view from above that’s nothing short of inspiring, even if I feel like I’m at a new starting point again, but that’s probably just what life is about when you live it properly!

The training has boosted my self-confidence, enormously, with each new lesson and every milestone achieved, I felt a growing sense of empowerment. I now approach my work with a sense of assurance that I didn’t possess before.

After such a long time of primarily being a mother, and with the added challenges of navigating life during the pandemic, it often felt like I had retreated from the world. But the training acted as a bridge back to the world I had once known, an opportunity to share my skills and passions once more.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Successful Mums, the flexibility of the courses is a game-changer. I was able to tailor my learning to my own schedule and pace, making it convenient, especially as a mother. This adaptability allowed me to balance my responsibilities while pursuing my passion for photography.

Whether you’re looking to learn new skills, gain confidence, or simply looking to engage with a dynamic community, I encourage you to consider Successful Mums courses as a good start. These opportunities for women returning to work are like shining stars, I can’t wait to see how they inspire each of you who are reading this, just as it has done for me.

I can’t wait to share my plans for my new business venture which merges branding and well-being for entrepreneurs, watch this space!

Corinna’s story is a testament to the fact that being a mum doesn’t mean leaving your professional dreams behind; it means embracing them, pursuing growth, and finding the perfect balance between motherhood and career success. Get in touch to find out how we can help you too.