Having spent time raising her family, Dagmara struggled to reengage with the job market. With the high cost of childcare and difficulties in finding a paid job as a graduated therapist, she made the decision to start her own business.

Read how Successful Mums gave Dagmara the confidence to make this change…

Successful Mum, Dagmara

“I’d made the decision to create work for myself, rather than rely on the job market as there was such a small number of opportunities for therapists. I’d heard about the Successful Mums courses from a local mum who had attended a taster session and she highly recommended it.

I signed up for their Business Start-up Course, which gave me the opportunity to meet like-minded women and gained a wealth of enterprising advice, support but more importantly the confidence to take my business forward.

I received an email from Successful Mums advertising their Digital Promotion for Business course, something at that point I thought would benefit my business.  I registered and undertook the training during the lockdown, which meant I had a completely different experience from my first course.

I thought that meeting the other participants online rather than in person, wouldn’t offer the full picture of what their businesses were about and who were the women behind them. However, being able to meet via Zoom regularly and being connected with our WhatsApp group, we felt the sense of being on the journey together.

I have widened my network with local women and their businesses and  have a sense of belonging to a tribe of ambitious and creative women in South London.


The course itself was quite intense and demanding, however it gave me a sense of satisfaction. It was challenging but I could see myself growing and developing new skills and knowledge. I now appreciate all the weekly challenges and assignments that we were encouraged to do. They really pushed me out of my comfort zone but it’s great I am applying those skills on my social media platforms.

Graduating from this course (and in fact both of them) made me more business aware and focussed. I feel competent to manage and handle my own workload, from the advertising through to finances and the actual work with my clients. I know the different avenues I can use to reach out to new clients and to do it in a media-aware way.

I also challenged myself to create my own website and use social media in a more effective and focused way. I have since gained more clients and my business is growing.

I have widened my network with local women and their businesses and have a sense of belonging to a tribe of ambitious and creative women in South London.

My biggest take away from both courses, apart from new skills and knowledge, is the confidence and trust in myself as a competent and successful business owner. I am determined to follow my vision and serve as many clients as possible.

I am a Comprehensive Body-Mind Therapist and Coach and I conduct online individual sessions for people who seek support for their emotional and psychological well-being. I am now doing an online course in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Diploma. You can find out more about my business HERE.

The advice I would give to any mums who are thinking about starting their own business would be to be brave and commit to yourself and your dream, but make sure you are supported by those who truly believe in you too.”