Mum of two, Gigi, was ready to jump-start her business idea, so turned to Successful Mums to help her take it to the next level.

What is your background pre children? 

Before my two girls, I was working in the City of London as a Management Consultant for one of the largest technology consulting companies in the world. The hours were absolutely insane and not family-friendly.

How long had you had a career break /been out of work?

Approximately 7 years.

What barriers did you face to finding work /starting a business?

I just didn’t have enough support around childcare as neither myself nor my husband have any family around. Thus it was difficult to find a job that would work around family life. I had also lost my mojo somewhat, so finding that confidence to start my own business just wasn’t there at the time.

What course did you complete?

Business Start-up /Enterprise course,  plus digital skills

How did you hear about the course and why did you choose to apply?

I did a thorough research online and came across Successful Mums. Their Business Start-up and Digital Skills course looked very attractive and it was what I was looking for to jump-start my business and take it to another level.

Tell us your experience on the course?

I really enjoyed the accountability and structure this course provided and it motivated me to implement strategy from setup of the actual business to creation of a business plan and a marketing strategy.

Setting up a business could be somewhat lonely at times and I would have liked face-to-face classes a tad more, unfortunately, Covid has altered everyone’s plans. However, the course tutor was extremely supportive and encouraging and was always there if I needed any further assistance, which more than made up for it.

“The course has given me a lot of confidence and focus to put myself out there in order to reach my ideal client base.”


Did the course give you extra confidence?

The course has given me a lot of confidence and focus to put myself out there in order to reach my ideal client base. I feel I have now a clear road map and clear goals for myself and for my business to achieve the vision I had set out originally. In my books that is invaluable!

Tell us about your business?

I am a Personal Stylist and Colour Expert, I own Styling With Gigi which helps women rediscover their style and take the stress out of everyday dressing. I equip my clients with everything they need from discovering their body shape, their personal style and the most suitable colours for their complexion, so shopping and dressing becomes a breeze.

What is the biggest thing you have gained and how will you use this in the future?

Confidence and time management.

What top tip would you give another mum at the start of their journey?

Just take the big leap and be your own biggest cheerleader, the rest will follow.

One word to sum up the course?


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