We spoke to Bromley mum, Jana about how our Digital Promotion Course helped her build an online presence for her events business during the pandemic and now has a clear vision to keep it growing!

I have had many different jobs in the past, mainly in customer-focused roles. I have worked in aviation, recruitment, hospitality, childcare, facilities and office-based administration roles.

I had been very lucky to go into business in events with my friends, however, the start of the pandemic, meant working from home and adapting. We had to face the fact we needed to build an online presence, in order to keep the business going.

I saw the Successful Mums Digital Promotion for Business course advertised on Facebook and decided to apply as it felt like the right choice for me at the time. I needed to improve my skills in digital marketing and wanted to learn more about the use of social media to improve our business visibility online. Especially at the time of the pandemic when it was impossible for us to stay open and online communication was so vital.

Our coach Caroline was great, supportive, knowledgeable and resourceful. We had weekly webinars as a whole group and also arranged Zoom calls within smaller groups, where we shared different tips and helped each other with the assignments we had to prepare.

I learnt how to use various new online platforms, such as Canva which I have not even heard of before and many others. A lot of the content was new to me but as the course progressed I gained a better understanding of it with the support of Caroline, the group and with my own research.

It was great having guest speakers and hearing them talk about their own experiences, it was very insightful. It showed us how Successful Mums have helped and encouraged previous participants in setting up and growing their businesses.

“I now have a clear vision of where I want our business to go and how to grow the online audience.


The highlight of the course for me was the women! All ambitious, like-minded mums who on top of juggling their careers and children, were running their own businesses, wanting to learn new skills and expand their knowledge.

The skills and knowledge that I have learnt, are helping me in my role as Events Planner for The Oaks events venue in London. We hire our newly refurbished hall for weddings, parties, corporate and charity events and many other functions. I deal with reservations, viewings, social media, Digital Marketing, funding and so much more.

I have taken what I learnt from the course about Social Media Management, SEO, analytics, digital tools, how to create promotional content and I have devised our own digital business strategy.

I now have a clear vision of where I want our business to go and how to grow the online audience.

If I was to give a top tip to another mum at the start of their journey it would be – go into it with a positive attitude, give yourself time to study every day and don’t put it off because it is an intensive course. You will gain so much from it and it really is worth it!

The course changed my life! I have gained more confidence and met (virtually) the most amazing women.

If like Jana you would like to build on your digital promotion for your business, apply for your space on our next course, HERE.