Read how we helped 5 star Successful Mum Janine get her shine back and start her own business through our Business Coaching

I had seen the Academy’s Business Coaching Course advertised and initially thought it would be just the guidance I needed as I navigated through being a solopreneur. 

However, it turned out to be so much more. I had a fantastic coach; she knew when to empathise or when to give us tough love. As a group, we offered each other moral support, advice and some even introduced each other to key contacts. It can be a very lonely road working on your own, so our weekly catch ups were a real kick starter for the week. 

I had started my own Concierge business offering a complete bespoke property and lifestyle service to overseas clients with an invested interest in London.  I’ve recently secured an investor for my company; this investor is a friend who started out as a client 8 years ago.  Back when he was my client at one of the 5 * hotels I worked for, he knew me as a confident, secure, has it all figured out, type of person. 

I met up with him recently (I haven’t seen him in 5 years). After our lunch, he said one thing, which really stuck with me. He still believes in what I am creating with my business and feels he is lucky to be part of it, however, he wondered where that confident person he knew before had gone – what had happened?  

I don’t expect everyone to understand but what some of us go through after having children can change you. Between body changes, hair loss and hormone imbalances, then add costly nursery bills, a constantly ill toddler and redundancy to the mix then you’ve got a totally different person to the one I was before.  

“In an age where ‘stay at home mums’ is no longer the norm, Successful Mums normalises the feelings and worries that come with wanting or needing to go back to work.


Having said this, with the help from Successful Mums I am already starting to see my shine come back, I feel like I’m regaining control of my life, creating structure, and eliminating all of those insecurities. 

Our coach was great at providing me with the tools to organise myself better, set targets and checklists which helped me figure out what I needed to arrange before I started trading. When I was getting overwhelmed with ideas, she helped me hone them in and prioritise them well.  

The course covered a number of important topics, from planning to how to create a financial forecast, to looking at different marketing strategies and analysing competitors. I learnt everything there is to know on how to get a business started and now if I had to, I could easily start another business tomorrow without hesitation. 

If I was to describe Successful Mums Career Academy to my friends, I would say it is an amazing support system at a time when you’ve lost your mojo and need career or business advice, with ongoing support from a Coach as well as from a group of like-minded mums. 

In an age where ‘stay at home mums’ is no longer the norm, Successful Mums normalises the feelings and worries that come with wanting or needing to go back to work. 

With all that they do, I believe the biggest outcome gained from their courses is the empowerment it gives to women, which in the end is the main driver to those women’s success. 

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