From Meditation to Supporting Small Businesses

Marie-Emma first heard about Successful Mums back in 2014. She wanted advice on how to use social media to help promote her meditation business so signed up for a digital marketing course led by Jane Knight with social media expert, Zoe Cairns. Little did she know this initial step would take her on a remarkable journey.

In 2015, she was searching for a part-time job that fitted around her children who were starting school. It was then she discovered that Successful Mums had a Job Board, determined to find the perfect role, Marie-Emma contacted Jane to find out more, a role with a local accounting firm seemed the ideal fit. She connected with them and she got the job!

Having spent many years in the corporate world, working in London, America and Europe her expertise was mainly in eCommerce and Procurement. However, this new role gave her the chance to delve into tax administration and marketing. Eager to learn more Marie-Emma seized the opportunity to study Professional Marketing and become an accredited member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Many of her evenings were spent studying after her children went to bed. It was a huge challenge to study later in life but Marie-Emma wanted to expand her career and knowledge and defied the notion that learning is confined to a certain age!

With the invaluable experience gained from her time at the accounting firm, Marie-Emma wanted to start working for herself, using her expertise to assist small businesses with their marketing endeavours. She knew Successful Mums was offering a Business Start-up course, so signed up to learn the essential tools needed to establish her own marketing business. She started working with her first charity, The Wimbledon Windmill, reviewing their current marketing approach, offering insightful recommendations and creating a comprehensive marketing plan.

But then the world came to a standstill. The pandemic struck and everything was thrust into uncertainty. Undeterred, Marie-Emma pivoted, teaching meditation online, whilst transforming her home into a makeshift school for her children, just like so many other families around the globe.

As lockdown lifted and furlough ended, Marie-Emma was asked to manage the Human Resources side of the accounting firm. She took an opportunity to study and became a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. She set up an online HR system for the firm, helped recruit new staff and worked with an employment lawyer to create the new staff handbook.

Marie-Emma’s entrepreneurial spirit was still burning bright and she wanted to work for herself, so when the opportunity came up to help a children’s theatre with the marketing for a couple of their shows, she grabbed it! She dusted off her Business Start-up course work and quickly set herself up!

Now, Marie-Emma has established herself as a Virtual Assistant, using her diverse skill set to help small business owners, from conducting detailed marketing reviews and managing social media to providing invaluable administrative support and resources.

If you are a business owner seeking assistance and wish to reclaim your valuable time, why not reach out to Marie-Emma by sending her an email to