when starting your own business you are faced with many barriers. talibah thought embarking on a totally different career path in her late fifties was one of hers, but successful mums were there to prove it’s never too late to get started!

My name is Talibah, I am currently living in the borough of Greenwich with my 2 children. I have previously worked in a variety of roles including administration in the corporate and art sectors, senior care assistant and a nanny.

I am a creative and artistic person and have always been involved in music and art, I am a jazz singer and run a choir for people who feel they can’t sing as a hobby.

I have always had an interest in holistic therapies, healing and spirituality and hold a Reiki Practitioners’ certificate. During the pandemic, I was looking for a course to take my Reiki to the next level, and I came across Sound Reiki a healing system, which combines the voice with Reiki healing to help raise people’s energy and vibration. I investigated further and was bowled over by how effective it was and I am now a qualified Sound Reiki Master.

It was my intention to start a business offering this modality but needed help to get started so I registered for the Successful Mums Course.

The course content was challenging and very thorough. It relates to your business idea which makes it more useful than other courses I’ve been on, which are more abstract and general.

It was so helpful being in a group of like-minded women and I enjoyed the accountability. Our Coach was very supportive, constructive, and motivating.

You come across many barriers when starting a business, even more so in the middle of a pandemic! My top 3 were;

· Being at home made it difficult to be structured and know how to take the next steps forward.

· I didn’t have a clear idea of how to start.

· A severe lack of confidence partly due to being in my late fifties and embarking on a totally different career path!

“The courses I have completed have made me to realise, I do have something to offer, I can do this and that my idea can be a reality and not just a dream


I found it helpful having to hand in assignments on time and be accountable. The course helped me to really think about the skills I am offering and how to focus on my unique gifts and experiences and find my niche. The feedback from our Coach and the other members of the group was constructive and encouraging. It helped me to see my idea as a potential business rather than just a hobby.

The course made me set goals and targets, I had wanted to complete my website and have a business and financial plan in place. None of which I really understood properly! It was the kickstart I needed, the course helped me to become more structured, and it helped me realise that I needed to know what my niche was before even attempting to create a website. Knowing this it became much easier to tailor it to my target market. The digital media course was also great for helping me develop a brand identity, which I didn’t know how to do before.

My plan is evolving as I’ve realised that I need to do more market research but what’s great is there is a plan in place to tweak.

If I had to explain the course in 3 words, I would say; challenging, impactful and excellent! The courses I have completed have made me to realise, I do have something to offer, I can do this and that my idea can be a reality and not just a dream.

Find out more… I am a Sound Reiki Master and traditional Reiki Practitioner. Sound Reiki is a relatively new modality that harnesses the power of intention with the voice and sung tones to raise a person’s levels of energy and vibration so promoting feelings of positivity and well-being, it can also be used to release stuck emotions.

It uses the same universal energy that is harnessed in traditional (Usui Reiki) and other energy healing systems, but it differs to traditional Reiki because the energy comes through the hands and is directed at different points of the body rather than using the voice to shift energy.

I aim to provide online and in-person, one-to-one events that incorporate Sound Reiki to support people to achieve a sense of well-being. Additionally, I will be offering traditional hands-on Reiki one-to-one very soon as I have just received my practitioner qualification. If you would like to know more, please click on the links below.

Sound And Reiki Healing | Talibah Sound Reiki

Talibah Sound Reiki | Facebook

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