Having secured funding from the Mayor of London, it is great to be working with a number of forward-thinking employers that are encouraging flexibility and ​diversity by including parents in their future workforce.

We spoke to Ewan Buck, Co-founder of Bromley-based business, Contingent Works, to find out why he is excited to be part of this great new project.

“As a fresh new company keen to set an example to all, we jumped at the chance when Successful Mums approached us to get involved in this new Project.  

The Good Work Standard (GWS) is an initiative set up by The Mayor of London to benchmark businesses. Setting out how business owners should attract, treat and retain staff properly and fairly without prejudice. 

We believe Bromley is a great place for business and we intend to lead by example. Encouraging flexibility and ​diversity in our workforce is high on our agenda.

Implementing the GWS has meant a thorough review of all our employment policies and job adverts. A drive towards inclusivity includes obvious policies but as a male business owner, I would never have considered the menopause policy, that we now have. 

The ongoing support from the team at Successful Mums is directly reflected in staff morale. Our team of mainly back-to-work mums know they are being supported and listened to as a result of the project.

The training we received from Successful Mums along with assistance from the GLA is keeping us constantly aware of inclusivity in the workplace. We now have the ability to not just reach a new audience but truly understand who that audience is, attracting a much wider, more talented and diverse pool of potential employees.

All employers need professional guidance and empathy and we believe that having a purpose over profit mentality, along with the support and advice from both Successful Mums and the GLA means that we are attracting great staff which, in turn, attracts great customers.”

You can find out more about Contigent Works HERE and if like Ewan, you think this is something your business would benefit from, get in touch at jane@successfulmums.co.uk

Taking part is completely free and just requires a few hours of your time and an interest in implementing flexible working practices in your workplace.