Jace Training was keen to be a more flexible organisation to help attract more parents to their workforce and support existing staff.

Find out how they made this happen with the help of the GLA Parenting Project.

What made you join the GLA project?

We had been looking at ways to attract more applicants to the roles within our organisation and felt that if we could be more flexible this would help. Offering varying hours and job shares would hopefully appeal to a wider audience to include women returners and working mums.

What 3 things did you gain from the project?

We gained a number of online learning modules and workshops that our staff were able to use to increase their knowledge and skills as part of their CPD.

The free job board, advertising our latest opportunities really helped us reach new audiences that may not have seen our vacancies in the past.

We received policy templates that we have used within our organisation, which have supported our policy meetings.

All this support was extremely valuable and helped to structure our offer as a great place to work.

How have you implemented these flexible changes?

Since joining the project we have reviewed our menopause policy. We have also changed our advertising to include flexibility within the roles, where possible. These changes were easy to implement and have now helped us gain a wider audience looking to work in the childcare industry.

What was the impact of the project for Jace?

Creating these flexible working options has had such a positive impact on our workforce. It has created job share opportunities which not only brings new candidates with different working needs but has helped existing staff to look at different working schedules themselves.

How did Successful Mums support you with the project?

We received amazing support from Charlotte, Jane and the team. They were readily available to support with any questions we had, gave great guidance and shared ideas.

What advice would you give to an employer who wants to attract women returners to their workforce?

By reviewing your current workforce and roles that are available, you can highlight better ways that employees can be supported.

We looked at how flexible working could be introduced and incorporated into our organisation to support the current workforce and create a good balance – this has increased productivity and well-being of staff, which is a key value of our company.

You can find out more about Jace Training HERE and if you think this is something your business would benefit from, get in touch at jane@successfulmums.co.uk

Taking part is completely free and just requires a few hours of your time and an interest in implementing flexible working practices in your workplace.