Successful Mums Career Academy was the go-to training provider, chosen by Constructing South London to support their ambitions to inspire women to choose a role in construction.

One of the first organisations Successful Mums reached out to was Real, a people-powered construction company working in London South East and South West. This forward-thinking company was open to connecting with more women returners and keen to explore new ways of not just attracting this talent pool but also retaining them.

Through discussions, Successful Mums was able to add value and make practical suggestions to enhance the business’ approach to women returners. One of those suggestions was taking on a learner from a Successful Mums coaching programme for work experience, who was keen to secure a role in construction.

Lucy, a 35-year-old mum of two, found her interest in construction peaked after writing her dissertation on the ‘under representation of women in construction’. With a Degree in Business IT and a Masters in Project Management, Lucy had ambitions to pursue a project management role in the industry, even though she was acutely aware of the lack of representation and opportunities for women in the industry from her dissertation research. Determined to break through the gender barriers, she had come to Successful Mums looking for support.

Through the construction project, Successful Mums contacted Real and Lucy was offered two weeks of work experience. They recognised the passion Lucy had and wanted to provide an opportunity for her to gain an insight into the industry. During her work experience, Lucy demonstrated dedication, and adaptability. Those two weeks provided a brilliant opportunity, not least for Lucy who gained experience from a forward-thinking contractor, but also for Real who as an employer, were able to reflect on working practices to ensure they were fully equipped to welcome women returners into their organisation.

That work experience led to Lucy applying for one of Real’s graduate roles, and throughout the interview process, her work ethic and passion for the industry shone through. Real recognised her potential and offered her a permanent position. Lucy worked hard to secure a role, and thanks to her determination, along with the support and encouragement from her Successful Mums’ career coach, Lucy got the role she’d worked hard for.

Lucy’s journey showcases the resilience, strength of character, and potential women have in the UK construction industry, and highlights the positive steps being taken by Real to attract women returners. By embracing diversity and implementing inclusive practices, the construction industry can create an environment where women can thrive, leading to increased representation and further empowerment within the sector.

Successful Mums continues to work with other STEM organisations to shine a spotlight on the wealth of roles and careers available to our audience of women returners. Email: to find out more.